Often you do not give importance to the deciduous teeth (milk teeth) because since they are going to be lost, it believes that the problem is temporary limited to them, but it is not. Milk teeth are important as the permanent ones; if they are ill, there are repercussion on permanent replaced teeth, on erupted tooth and not contiguous, the size of the arches and occlusion; they must be cared for and subject to periodic inspections.

Carious typical disorders in children are:

Syndrome of the septum
An evolutionary decay located at the level of the proximal surfaces of the teeth. Often it is part of asymptomatic and it occurs when the stagnation of food goes to compress the interdental papilla. It spreads rapidly with pulp necrosis risk.

Baby Bottle Syndrome
It debuted early during infancy. Characterized by tooth decay "rampant " with rapidly progressive and destructive development. Caused by an excessive administration of sugars as a way of sedation for children through the use of baby bottles and pacifiers soaked in honey or other sugary substances.

To prevent any serious damage is important
-  A periodic check even by parents, the disease may begin around 2 years of age, with serious consequences if  it is untreated.
-  Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle and pacifier soaked in sugar, replace with water.
-  Give immediate importance to the teeth, with the prevention and cure.